LAY DOWN YOUR GUNS: Singer/songwriter Daniel Gregory’s moving protest song showcasing the actions of duck rescuers and the unacceptable brutality recreational duck shooters inflict on native waterbirds in Australia.
THE CRUELTY OF RECREATIONAL DUCK SHOOTING: For every four birds shot and killed, at least one is wounded. Hundreds of thousands of birds suffer during recreational duck shooting seasons.
SAVING LUCY: Coalition Against Duck Shooting rescuers found a badly injured Pacific Black Duck during the 2017 duck shooting season. Lucy was treated by a wildlife carer and released back to the wild.
DUCK RESCUE 2011: A ‘Fair Projects’ short film by award winning photojournalist, Tim Watters, showing the opening day of the 2011 duck shooting season at Lake Buloke, central Victoria, when a rescuer was shot in the face.
CASUALITY OF THE LAST DAY OF THE 2019 DUCK SHOOTING SEASON: Just hours before the season ended, rescuers found this Pink-eared Duck which had been shattered by shotgun pellets and left to die.
THE CRUELTY OF DUCK SHOOTING: When fired, shotguns scatter some 200 small pellets. At least one in four birds shot are wounded. They suffer fractured or broken legs or legs shot off entirely, shattered bills, splintered wings, pellets through eyes and shot lodged in organs, muscles and tendons.
DUCK SHOOTERS DESENSITISE CHILDREN TO VIOLENCE AND CRUELTY: In a world gone mad with violence, its imperative we teach our children that compassion and kindness must triumph over acts of brutality and cruelty.
REDGUM SWAMP: Duck shooters destroy the ambience of Redgum Swamp.
PIPER’S RELEASE: Piper was found by duck rescuers during the 2019 recreational duck shooting season. She was treated by a vet and released back to the wild by Animal Justice Party MP, Andy Meddick.
MANLY MAN: A send-up of duck shooter behaviour. No waterbirds were harmed during the making of this video, however, the actual scenes from previous duck shooting seasons have been edited into the video to highlight the violence and cruelty that a dwindling number of duck shooters continue to inflict on Australia’s native waterbirds.