JOHNSON (part 1). In 2004 a Pacific Black Duck was found wounded at Johnson Swamp by duck rescuer, Manfred Zabinskas of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue. He was rushed to the on-site mobile veterinary clinic for treatment where he was nick-named Johnson.
JOHNSON (part 2). Veterinarian Dr Chris Andrews takes Johnson back to Melbourne for specialised treatment and after rehabilitation he is released onto a safe wetland.
THE WHALE SAVERS:  A 47-minute documentary aired on ABCTV in 1984 (with spacing for adverts). Laurie Levy and Neil Bethune set up the Whale Rescue Centre.  Their pioneering work with stranded whales led to the establishment of state and federal whale rescue procedures.
STRANDING AT CROWDY HEAD:  1985 ABC documentary by Mark Jennings – another successful whale rescue, this time in NSW.