Recreational duck shooting is not sport. Sport is a contest between equals such as football, tennis or golf.

Native waterbirds have no defence and cannot fight back against lethal shotguns.

Duck shooters use every unfair advantage possible. They dress in camouflage clothing and conceal themselves
behind trees or in specially built ‘hides’ and lure birds with duck callers and decoys.

Above: Duck shooters conceal themselves in hides with decoys in front to lure unsuspecting ducks into shotgun range.

Decoys are realistic looking plastic ducks as shown above.  The decoys attract real birds into joining what looks like a safe peaceful group.  But instead the unsuspecting bird or birds are shot by the shooter hiding nearby.

Decoys come in different forms and species, and some even have mechanically flapping wings.

Using a shotgun to blast birds with 200 tiny steel pellets is not sport.  There is nothing fair about duck shooting. 

However, an acceptable alternative is clay target shooting, where shooters can compete against each other and the target can be controlled.