Near the town of Sale in Gippsland, a CADS undercover team discovered Field and Game Australia (FGA) illegally diverting water from the Latrobe River onto Heart Morass (FGA’s private shooting property) just a week prior to the opening of the 2009 duck shooting season.

After substantial media coverage, Southern Rural Water laid charges and FGA’s Gippsland wetland manager, Gary Howard, pleaded guilty to illegal diversion of water in the Sale Magistrates’ Court.  He was fined $1,500 (without conviction) and ordered to pay costs of $1,500.

17 March 2009, Win TV news – FGA caught illegally siphoning water


17 March 2009, Herald Sun

 24 June 2009, WIN TV News – Gary Howard fined for illegally diverting water into Heart Morass

2009 Heart Morass, shooters' wetland near Sale. Levy obtains evidence of water theft.