After the Coalition Against Duck Shooting exposed the appalling massacre of native waterbirds which took place on the opening of the 2017 recreational duck shooting season at the Koorangie Marshes, part of the Kerang Ramsar Wetlands, an assessment of the Game Management Authority’s compliance and enforcement function was undertaken by Pegasus Economics. The assessment was damning and highlighted major problems within the GMA.


29 March 2017, ABC TV 7.30 program – Rescuers find pits of dead birds, which leads to the Pegasus inquiry

1 March 2018, ABC TV 7.30 program – leaked Pegasus report into the Game
Management Authority


12 April 2018, ABC TV 7.30 program – GMA Manager of Compliance resigns over GMA’s reluctance to prosecute shooters


      Pegasus report

Some of the 1,489 birds rescuers recovered during the 2017 duck shooting season including 296 protected and threatened species.